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Prisons With Female Inmates

28 facilities in the Federal Bureau of Prisons house female inmates. The Federal Bureau of Prisons refers to the seven facilities that house only female inmates as the "Big Seven." The facilities are Federal Prison Camp, Alderson, in Alderson, West Virginia, Federal Prison Camp, Bryan, in Bryan, Texas, Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury, in Danbury Connecticut, Federal Correctional Institution, Dublin, in Dublin, California, Secure Female Facility, Hazelton, in Hazelton, West Virginia, and Federal Correctional Institution, Waseca, in Waseca, Minnesota; of these FCI Dublin also has one small male detention unit. Twenty one male BOP facilities also house female inmates, in either small satellite detention units or separate Federal Prison Camps. Of the regions of the United States defined by the Bureau of Prisons, two of the six regions have two female-only facilities, South Central Region and Mid-Atlantic Region; the Southeast Region no longer has a female-only facility due to the mission change of FCI Tallahassee in 2010.

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