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By Writer's Expertise

Fashion blogs may be written by insiders, outsiders or aspiring insiders.

Insiders are people who work (or have previously worked) in the fashion industry or for the traditional fashion media. In addition, some fashion insiders blog occasionally as guest on larger sites. For example, the fashion designer Nanette Lepore has contributed to

  • Ms. Fabulous, is written by Mariana Leung, a fashion industry veteran who has worked as a fashion designer, technical designer, photographer and PR director. She writes about other designers and industry news.

Outsiders are people who know a lot (or at least have strong opinions) about fashion, usually by virtue of being very dedicated consumers of fashion.

Aspiring insiders are people who want to work in the fashion industry or media and believe their blog may provide a ‘back door’ entry into a mainstream fashion writing job. Examples of people who have been employed within the fashion industry on the strength of their blogs include:

  • Manolo the Shoe Blogger, who now has a weekly column in the Express a Washington Post Publication
  • Heather and Jessica from Go Fug Yourself, who recently covered Fashion Week for New York Magazine
  • The Budget Fashionista, Kathryn Finney, wrote a book called "How To Be a Budget Fashionista" that was published by Ballantine Books.

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