Familiar Spirits

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Witches Of Belvoir - Account of The Accused Witches
... revealing that they had entered into communion with familiar spirits that had assisted them with their schemes ... The mother's familiar was a cat named Rutterkin ... to experiencing visions of devils and that their familiar spirits visited them and sucked at their bodies ...
Blackest - Black in History and Art - Witches and Black Cats
... a black animal, often a goat, a dog, a wolf, a bear, a deer or a rooster, accompanied by their familiar spirits, black cats, serpents and other black creatures ... being able turn into a "black thing with a blue cap," and others of having familiars in the form of a black dog, a black cat and a black bird ... An English manual on witch-hunting (1647), showing a witch with her familiar spirits Black cats have been accused for centuries of being the familiar spirits of witches or of bringing bad luck ...
Familiar Spirits (memoir)
... Familiar Spirits is a memoir published in 2000 by American writer Alison Lurie ... In Familiar Spirits, Lurie attempts to provide several rational and mundane explanations for Merrill and Jackson's epiphanies and revelations ...

Famous quotes containing the words spirits and/or familiar:

    But seldom the laurel wreath is seen
    Unmixed with pensive pansies dark;
    There’s a light and a shadow on every man
    Who at last attains his lifted mark—
    Nursing through night the ethereal spark.
    Elate he never can be;
    He feels that spirits which glad had hailed his worth,
    Sleep in oblivion.—The shark
    Glides white through the phosphorus sea.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)

    A familiar name cannot make a man less strange to me. It may be given to a savage who retains in secret his own wild title earned in the woods. We have a wild savage in us, and a savage name is perchance somewhere recorded as ours.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)