Face Mask

Strictly, the expression face mask is tautological and means "mask", because masks by definition go on the face; but it is sometimes used to mean:

  • Respirator
  • Among divers, diving mask
  • Face mask (gridiron football), the metal grid face protecter on his helmet, and the penalizable foul of grasping it during play

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List Of Punky Brewster Episodes - Season 4 (1988)
... And the blue face mask that Betty rubbed on her face won't come off ... Lady Contempo shampoo, and the reason why the blue face mask won't come off of Betty's face is because the face mask is actually kitchen floor wax that was ...
Cinderella (2006 Film) - Plot
... person commit suicide by shoving her face into a vent ... her art class, making a sculpture of Su-kyoung's face ... talk and laugh, Hyeon-su accidentally cuts into her model's face ...
Nina Conti - Characters - Face Mask
... The face mask, rather than an actual puppet with a personality, is a mask that covers the lower half of an audience participants face and can be manipulated by a hand-piece held by Nina to make it look like the ...
Glossary Of American Football - F
... face mask The protective grill that forms part of the football helmet ... face mask, grasping A foul in which a player grabs the face mask or helmet opening of another player's helmet, usually in the process of making a tackle ...

Famous quotes containing the words mask and/or face:

    Most of our occupations are low comedy.... We must play our part duly, but as the part of a borrowed character. Of the mask and appearance we must not make a real essence, nor of what is foreign what is our very own.
    Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592)

    My face is muffled in my mother’s clothing. Her rhinestones injure me. See: my feet are going. Fish flee the forefinger of my aunt. The sun streams over the geraniums. What has this to do with what I feel, with what I am.
    William Gass (b. 1924)