Exedore is a fictional character in the Robotech Universe. In the original Macross version, he was called Exsedol Folmo.

Exedore is a Zentraedi who serves as adviser to Fleet Commander Breetai during their search for Robotech Master Zor's missing battlefortress (later known as the SDF-1). Although still a giant by Micronian standards, he is almost a dwarf when compared to even the average Zentraedi. Exedore is the keeper of Zentraedi law, lore and history as given to him by the Robotech Masters. It is he that reminds Breetai that one of their directives is to stay away from Micronian civilizations for fear of cultural contamination. Nonetheless, because the Earth humans have come in possession of SDF-1, Exedore has the hapless job of trying to outthink them which proves a difficult task considering the Terrans' inexperience in space warfare makes them nearly unpredictable.

Because of the constant battles with the Earth humans, numerous Zentraedi become enthralled by the culture of the Micronians and their lifestyle. To avoid widespread cultural contamination, Supreme Zentraedi commander Dolza orders the extermination of Breetai and Azonia's fleets. Anticipating this, Exedore has himself micronized and travels to SDF-1 as an emissary and proposes an alliance with Earth. His proposal is well received and Breetai and Azonia's fleets offer well needed assistance in Earth's defense against Dolza's armada.

Exedore continued to serve as an advisor to the Robotech Defense Force in the reconstruction years following the successful defeat of Dolza's armada. He accompanied Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Dr. Emil Lang, T. R. Edwards, and the other survivors (including a now micronized Breetai) aboard the SDF-3 in the Robotech Expeditionary Force mission to the Master's homeworld.

In the comic book miniseries Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, during the final phase of the Third Robotech War, Exedore (now depicted as balding and with a Caucasian skin tone), android Janice were aboard the REF science vessel Deukalion as part of the test firing of the Neutron S Missiles that were planned for use at Reflex Point. Underestimating the power of the weapons, the test firing badly damage the SDF-3 and Deukalion. The wreckage of the Deukalion was recovered with Janice still aboard. Exedore is presumed to have been killed as in the animated movie Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, as it is stated that there were no other survivors.

In the animated series, his voice was provided by Ted Layman, under the pseudonym Leonard Pike.

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