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International Broadcasts

  • Entertainment Tonight UK, hosted by Irish celebrity Amanda Byram, launched in January 2005 on satellite/cable pay TV channel Sky One, which additionally airs each US episode a day or two after its American showing.
  • Entertainment Tonight Canada was launched on the Global Television Network on September 12, 2005, with host Cheryl Hickey and lead correspondent Rick Campanelli. It airs back-to-back with the American version in most Canadian markets.
  • In Australia from July 30, 2012, it was announced Network Ten had acquired the free to air rights as part of their existing contract with CBS Television Distribution who part owns Eleven to begin airing the previous days episode on Ten from August 6, 2012 at 11am Weekdays, along with The Insider at 11:30 am. With the current episode after midnight on Eleven. Also shown on the Foxtel channel Arena at 7PM, Arena no longer broadcast The Insider.
  • A localized Australian version was produced by Australia's Nine Network during the 1990s, presented by Richard Wilkins and Marie Patane, with journalist Terry Willesee as guest host. The show was a mix of locally produced stories and those imported from the American program. Due to cost considerations in 2000 it was replaced by the American version. To further more cost savings on June 30, 2012 it was decided not to renew the contract for the show with CBS Television Distribution which the GO! and the Nine Network had been airing for 30 years from 1982. The show was replaced with another entertainment show called Extra on 2 July 2012, which was acquired as part of their existing contract with Warner Bros. Television Distribution.
  • Entertainment Tonight was aired in France under the name Exclusif, hosted by Thierry Clopeau (1998), Emmanuelle Gaume (1998–2000), Flavie Flament (2000–2001), Valérie Bénaïm (2001–2002) and Frédéric Joly (1998–2002). There were several correspondents like Ness, Stéphanie Pillonca, Génie Godula and Jonathan Lambert.
  • In Brazil, there is a version of Entertainment Tonight called TV Fama (TV Fame) hosted by Nelson Rubens and Flávia Noronha.
  • In India, the show began airing with a special broadcast from November 29, 2010 on Big CBS Prime.
  • In the Philippines, the show currently airs on 2nd Avenue.
  • In New Zealand, TV3 originally only broadcast the weekday center-cut edition until November 6, 2012 when separately sourced SD 16:9 widescreen versions were used for both the weekend and weekday editions. Currently airing after 11 PM on FOUR and repeated the next day on TV3 at 5PM weekdays with the weekend edition at noon on Sunday.
  • In the Middle East, the American show airs on the Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC), based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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