Ewe Music

Ewe music is the music of the Ewe people of Togo and Benin, West Africa. Instrumentation is primarily percussive and rhythmically the music features great metrical complexity. Its highest form is in dance music including a drum orchestra, but there are also work, play, and other songs. Despite his title Ewe music is featured in A. M. Jones's Studies in African Music.

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Ewe People - Ewe Music
... The Ewe have developed a complex culture around drumming ... Ewe believe that if someone is a good drummer, it is because they inherited a spirit of an ancestor who was a good drummer ... Music and dance are a force in cementing social feeling among members of an Agbekor society ...

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    I used to be angry all the time and I’d sit there weaving my anger. Now I’m not angry. I sit there hearing the sounds outside, the sounds in the room, the sounds of the treadles and heddles—a music of my own making.
    Bhakti Ziek (b. c. 1946)