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The Adventures Of Conan: A Sword And Sorcery Spectacular - Premise
... intention of plundering the temple's treasures, and are surprised to find a "good wizard" waiting in the temple ... While the man talks to the wizard, the woman becomes hypnotized by a large red gem set in a statue and dislodges it, accidentally releasing a trapped evil wizard in the process ... The evil wizard summons henchmen, who swordfight against the man and woman and good wizard ...
Orcus (Dungeons & Dragons) - Relationships - Servants
... Banak, an evil cleric, high priest and devoted minion of Orcus, appears in the adventure module Bloodstone Pass as an opponent for the player characters ... He formed the Kingdom of Vaasa, and in a single night built his evil castle atop a lonely crag ... The Witch-King is a lich with the powers of a wizard ...
Shazzan - Episodes
... a rest, Chuck and Nancy land him on an island where they end up hunted by an evil hunter ... It is soon discovered that the Evil Khan of El Jawali is holding her hostage in order to claim her father's Ring of Samarra ... The Evil Jester of Masira - The Evil Jester of Masira steals the secret Book of Evil Magic in a plot to overthrow the Viceroy of Masira and take over his kingdom ...
Brainy Smurf - Antagonists
... He is an evil wizard with limited powers ... Cartoon Amanda McBroom Chlorhydris is an evil coldhearted sorceress, more powerful than Hogatha, who devotes her time to remove love from the world ... A nasty, irredeemable woman as ugly as she is evil ...

Famous quotes containing the words wizard and/or evil:

    The obvious parallels between Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz have frequently been noted: in both there is the orphan hero who is raised on a farm by an aunt and uncle and yearns to escape to adventure. Obi-wan Kenobi resembles the Wizard; the loyal, plucky little robot R2D2 is Toto; C3PO is the Tin Man; and Chewbacca is the Cowardly Lion. Darth Vader replaces the Wicked Witch: this is a patriarchy rather than a matriarchy.
    Andrew Gordon, U.S. educator, critic. “The Inescapable Family in American Science Fiction and Fantasy Films,” Journal of Popular Film and Television (Summer 1992)

    Knavery seems to be so much a the striking feature of its inhabitants that it may not in the end be an evil that they will become aliens to this kingdom.
    George III (1738–1820)