Eurovision Song Contest 2001 - International Broadcasts and Voting

International Broadcasts and Voting

The table below shows the order in which votes were cast during the 2001 contest along with the spokesperson who was responsible for announcing the votes for their respective country. Each national broadcaster also sent a commentator to the contest, in order to provide coverage of the contest in their own native language. Details of the commentators and the broadcasting station for which they represented are also included in the table below.

Voting order Country Spokespersons Commentator Broadcaster
01 Netherlands Marlayne Willem van Beusekom Nederland 2
Hijlco Span Nederlands Radio 2
02 Iceland Eva María Jónsdóttir Gísli Marteinn Baldursson Sjónvarpið
03 Bosnia and Herzegovina Segmedina Srna Ismeta Dervoz-Krvavac BHT1
04 Norway Roald Øyen Jostein Pedersen NRK1
05 Israel Yoav Ginai No commentator IBA
Daniel Pe'er Reshet Gimel
06 Russia Larisa Verbitskaya Alexandr Anatolievich & Konstantin Mikhailov Public Russian Television
Vadim Dolgachev Voice of Russia
07 Sweden Josefine Sundström Henrik Olsson SVT1
Carolina Norén SR P3
08 Lithuania Loreta Tarozaitė Darius Užkuraitis LTV
09 Latvia Renārs Kaupers Kārlis Streips Latvijas Televīzija
10 Croatia Danijela Trbović Ante Batinović HRT 1
Draginja Balaš HR 2
11 Portugal Margarida Mercês de Mello Eládio Clímaco RTP1
12 Ireland Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh Marty Whelan RTÉ One
Brendan Balfe RTÉ Radio 1
13 Spain Jennifer Rope José Luis Uribarri TVE1
14 France Corinne Hermès Marc-Olivier Fogiel & Dave France 3
Olivier Chiabodo France Bleu
15 Turkey Meltem Ersan Yazgan Ömer Önder TRT 1
Ümit Tunçağ TRT Radyo 3
16 United Kingdom Colin Berry Terry Wogan BBC One
Ken Bruce BBC Radio 2
17 Slovenia Mojca Mavec Andrea F SLO2
18 Poland Maciej Orłoś Artur Orzech TVP1
19 Germany Axel Bulthaupt Peter Urban Das Erste
Thomas Mohr Deutschlandfunk/NDR 2
20 Estonia Ilomai Küttim "Elektra" Marko Reikop Eesti Televisioon
Vello Rand ERR Raadio 2
21 Malta Marbeck Spiteri Alfred Borg PBS
22 Greece Alexis Kostalas Dafni Bokota ET1
Giorgos Mitropoulos ERA1
23 Denmark Gry Johansen Hans Otto Bisgaard & Hilda Heick DR1
- Australia1 (non-participating country) Terry Wogan SBS
- Austria (non-participating country) Andi Knoll ORF1
Stermann & Grissemann FM4
- Belgium (non-participating country) André Vermeulen & Anja Daems VRT TV1
Jean-Pierre Hautier RTBF La Une
Julien Put & Michel Follet VRT Radio 2
Laurent Daube & Éric Russon RTBF La Première
- Cyprus (non-participating country) Evi Papamichail RIK 1
- Finland (non-participating country) Jani Juntunen & Asko Murtomäki YLE TV1
- Macedonia (non-participating country) Milanka Rašik MTV 2
- Romania (non-participating country) Andreea Marin & Leonard Miron TVR2
- Switzerland (non-participating country) Sandra Studer SF2)
Jean-Marc Richard TSR 2
Jonathan Tedesco TSI 1
- Yugoslavia2 (non-participating country) Boško Negovanović RTS2
1.^ Although Australia is not itself eligible to enter, the event was broadcast on SBS. As is the case each year, it did not however broadcast it live due to the difference in Australian time zones. This year, the broadcast contained a locally produced addition of a studio audience of young representatives from the competing countries. However, a number of complaints saw the United Kingdom's broadcast, including commentary from Terry Wogan, shown a few weeks later.
2.^ After the breakup of Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was last participated in 1992. YU Info channel broadcast the show, although Yugoslavia did not participate.

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