European Hornet - Geographic Colour Forms

Geographic Colour Forms

European hornets worldwide are found with geographic colour forms:

  • Vespa crabro crabro Linnaeus, 1758
  • Vespa crabro vexator Harris, 1776. A European hornet found in southern counties of England, and continental Europe. This subspecies can be distinguished from the Common European hornet as V. crabro vexator has a yellow head.
  • Vespa crabro germana Christ, 1791
  • Vespa crabro crabroniformis Smith, 1852
  • Vespa crabro borealis Radoszkowski, 1863
  • Vespa crabro oberthuri du Buysson, 1902
  • Vespa crabro flavofasciata Cameron, 1903
  • Vespa crabro altaica Pérez, 1910
  • Vespa crabro caspica Pérez, 1910
  • Vespa crabro chinensis Birula, 1925

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