ESPN2 College Football Saturday Primetime

ESPN2 College Football Saturday Primetime

ESPN2 College Football Primetime is a live game presentation of Division 1-A college football on ESPN2. In the past, the primary sponsors have been Polaroid, AT&T and Like its ESPN counterpart, the current presenting sponsor of this version is Hampton Hotels. The game telecast airs every Saturday night at 7:45pm ET during the college football regular season. The game is preceded by a 45-minute long College Football Scoreboard with Linda Cohn, or Brian Kenny. Either of them also present the halftime show. This game telecast is also presented in high-definition on ESPN2HD.

Since debuting in 1994, it has broadcast games from numerous conferences including the SEC, ACC, Big Ten and the Big East. This game is often seen as the ESPN2 Game of the Week along with the Thursday night telecast.

Some notable voices of ESPN2 College Football Primetime over the years have been Ron Franklin, Ed Cunningham and Adrian Karsten, but Karsten has been replaced by Dr. Jerry Punch after his 2005 suicide.

On October 14, 2006, ESPN2 College Football Primetime aired on five different networks as part of ESPN Full Circle. The networks included ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN 360 and Mobile ESPN.

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