Equestrian Statue

An equestrian statue is a statue of a rider mounted on a horse, from the Latin "eques", meaning "knight", deriving from "equus", meaning "horse". A statue of a riderless horse is strictly an "equine statue". A full-size equestrian statue is a difficult and expensive object for any culture to produce, and figures have typically been portraits of rulers or, more recently, military commanders.

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George Washington (statue) - United States - New York - New York City
... Equestrian statue of George Washington (1856), by Henry Kirke Brown, Union Square, Manhattan ... This was the first equestrian statue of Washington ... Two statues were later added George Washington as Commander-in-Chief, Accompanied by Fame and Valor (1914–16), by Hermon MacNeil ...
List Of Equestrian Statues - Mexico
... Mexico City Equestrian of Charles IV of Spain, in the downtown, by Tolsá ... Equestrian statue of José de San Martín (sculptor unknown) donated by the government of Argentina to Mexico and on display at the intersection of Paseo de la Reforma and Eje 1 Norte near Metro Garibaldi ... Chihuahua Equestrian statue of Pancho Villa ...
List Of Equestrian Statues In Russia - Moscow
... Equestrian statue of Prince Yury Dolgoruky in the Tverskaya Street, by Sergey Orlov, 1954 ... A celebrated example of Socialist Realism equestrian sculpture ... Equestrian statue of Field Marshal Kutuzov in the Kutuzovsky Prospekt by Nikolay Tomsky, 1973 ...
Goscombe John - Other Work
... Name Location Comments Image Statue of Viscount Wolseley on Horse Guards’ Parade Much information on this Goscombe John work can be gleaned from The National Archives ... to suggest using Goscombe John to the memorials organising committee He had seen Goscombe Johns' equestrian statue of Lord Tredegar there and was most impressed by it ... The First Commissioner wrote " This statue is certainly one of the most striking modern equestrian statues I have ever seen, and I think Goscombe John is well worthy of your consideration as a sculptor for the ...
List Of Equestrian Statues - Australia
... designed by Adrian Jones, and was dedicated on June 6, 1904, making it the first equestrian commemorative sculpture in the country ... Brisbane Equestrian statue of King George V in front of the Brisbane City Hall (King George Square), 1938 ... South African War Memorial in Adelaide King George V in Brisbane Statue of Gunsynd and Kevin Langby in Goondiwindi, Queensland Goondiwindi, Queensland Equestrian statue of Gunsynd ...

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