Epidural Space

In the spine, the epidural space (also known as "extradural space" or "peridural space") is the outermost part of the spinal canal. It is the space within the canal (formed by the surrounding vertebrae) lying outside the dura mater (which encloses the arachnoid mater, subarachnoid space, the cerebrospinal fluid, and the spinal cord). In humans the epidural space contains lymphatics, spinal nerve roots, loose fatty tissue, small arteries, and a network of large, thin-walled blood vessels called the epidural venous plexus.

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Epidural - Complications
... If analgesia is inadequate, another epidural may be attempted ... The epidural space in the adult lumbar spine is only 3-5mm deep, which means it is comparatively easy to cross it and accidentally puncture the dura (and ... If severe it may be successfully treated with an epidural blood patch (a small amount of the subject's own blood given into the epidural space via another epidural needle which clots and seals the ...
Epidural Space - In Other Mammals
... that in humans, although many species possess a tail into which the epidural space is prolonged ... A unique property of the epidural venous plexus is that the veins are prevented from collapsing due to external pressure because the bony spinal canal prevents that pressure being transmitted ... whales, when diving a large fraction of venous return to the heart takes place via the epidural space, as veins such as the vena cava may be substantially ...
Epidural Hematoma - Of The Spine
... Bleeding into the epidural space in the spine may also cause epidural hematoma ... during childbirth), or as a rare complication of anaesthesia (such as epidural anaesthesia) or surgery (such as laminectomy) ... The anatomy of the epidural space means that spinal epidural hematoma has a different profile from cranial epidural hematoma ...
Dogliotti's Principle
... Dogliotti's principle is a principle in epidural anaesthesia first described by Professor Achille Mario Dogliotti in 1933 ... It is a method for the identification of the epidural space, a potential space ... As a needle is advanced through the ligamentum flavum, to the epidural space, with constant pressure applied to the piston of a syringe, loss of ...

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