Enzyme Replacement

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Chronic Pancreatitis - Treatment - Pancreatic Enzyme Supplementation
... Replacement pancreatic enzymes are often effective in treating the malabsorption and steatorrhea ... While the outcome of trials regarding pain reduction with pancreatic enzyme replacement is inconclusive, some patients do have pain reduction with enzyme replacement and since they are relatively safe ...
Medical Genetics - Current Practice - Treatments - Management of Metabolic Disorders
... In general, metabolic disorders arise from enzyme deficiencies that disrupt normal metabolic pathways ... D) X Y Z X Y (no Z) Compound "A" is metabolized to "B" by enzyme "X", compound "B" is metabolized to "C" by enzyme "Y", and compound "C" is metabolized to "D" by ... If enzyme "Z" is missing, compound "D" will be missing, while compounds "A", "B", and "C" will build up ...
Mucopolysaccharidosis - Treatment
... Enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) are currently in use or are being tested ... Enzyme replacement therapy has proven useful in reducing non-neurological symptoms and pain ... Currently BioMarin Pharmaceutical produces enzyme replacement therapies for MPS type I and VI ...

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