Enol Form

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Acetylacetone - Properties
... The keto and enol forms of acetylacetone coexist in solution these forms are tautomers ... The C2v symmetry for the enol form displayed on the left in Scheme 1 has been verified by many methods, most prominently being NMR spectroscopy and IR ... In the gas phase, the equilibrium constant, Kketo-enol is 11.7, favoring the enol form ...
Luciferase - Spectral Differences in Bioluminescence
... of the emitted light depends on whether the product is in the keto or enol form ... The mechanism suggests that red light is emitted from the keto form of oxyluciferin, while green light is emitted from the enol form of oxyluciferin ... This explanation proposes that a planar form with an angle of 0° between the two rings corresponds to a higher energy state and emits a higher-energy green light, whereas an angle of 90° puts the structure in a ...

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