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Alphabetic Principle - Latin Alphabet - English Orthography
... English Language is based on the alphabetic principle, but the acquisition of sounds and spellings from a variety of languages has made English spelling patterns confusing ... Spelling patterns usually follow certain conventions but nearly every sound can be legitimately spelled with different letters or letter combinations ... The spelling systems for some languages, such as Spanish, are relatively simple because they adhere closely to the ideal one-to-one correspondence between sounds and the letter ...
English Orthography - Spelling Irregularities - History
... Inconsistencies and irregularities in English pronunciation and spelling have gradually increased in number throughout the history of the English language ... recent loan words from other languages generally carry their original spellings, which are often not phonetic in English ... The regular spelling system of Old English was swept away by the Norman Conquest, and English itself was supplanted in some spheres by Norman French for three centuries, eventually emerging with its spelling ...
Interspel - Comparison With Other English Spelling Reform Proposals
... By way of comparison, other proposals for English spelling reform are of four types New alphabets, such as the Shavian alphabet or the Deseret Alphabet Including new symbols ... The ‘long’ vowels cause the greatest difficulty Lists of re-spellings with or without rules, such as the Simplified Spelling Society’s present House Style ... Interspel, however, is a systematic reform of present spelling with three levels, to match established needs and abilities of users and learners, in which the basic alphabetic principle is modified ...
English Spelling Society
... The English Spelling Society is an international organisation, based in the United Kingdom ... It was founded in 1908 as the Simplified Spelling Society and celebrated its Centenary Conference at Coventry University in June 2008 ... aims are to raise awareness of the problems caused by the irregularity of English spelling, and to seek remedies to improve literacy, including spelling reform ...

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    We drove the Indians out of the land,
    But a dire revenge those Redmen planned,
    For they fastened a name to every nook,
    And every boy with a spelling book
    Will have to toil till his hair turns gray
    Before he can spell them the proper way.
    Eva March Tappan (1854–1930)

    While abroad, he met with a very salacious English woman, whose liberality retrieved his fortune, with several circumstances more to the honor of his vigor than his morals.
    Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl Chesterfield (1694–1773)