Energy Loss

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Spin Wave - Experimental Observation
... inelastic electron scattering (spin-resolved electron energy loss spectroscopy), and spin-wave resonance (ferromagnetic resonance) ... In the first method the energy loss of a beam of neutrons that excite a magnon is measured, typically as a function of scattering vector (or equivalently momentum transfer ... Brillouin scattering similarly measures the energy loss of photons (usually at a convenient visible wavelength) reflected from or transmitted through a magnetic material ...
High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy - Physics of HREELS - Dipole Scattering
... and the vibrational mode can be detected in the energy loss spectrum ... If the dipole is adsorbed parallel then no energy losses will be detected and the vibrational modes of the dipole are missing in the energy loss spectrum ... When measuring the intensity of the electron energy loss peaks and comparing to other experimental results or to theoretical models it can also be told whether a ...
Side Effects in Large Electromagnets - Core Losses
... This causes energy losses in their magnetic cores that are dissipated as heat in the core ... The energy in these currents is dissipated as heat in the electrical resistance of the conductor, so they are a cause of energy loss ... The energy dissipated is proportional to the area enclosed by the loop ...
Linear Energy Transfer
... Linear energy transfer (LET) is the linear density of energy lost by a charged ionizing particle travelling through matter ... Since the energy loss is part of the definition, LET is a positive quantity ... On the other hand, the higher concentration of deposited energy can cause more severe damage to any microscopic structures near the particle track ...
Range (particle Radiation)
... In passing through matter, charged particles ionize and thus lose energy in many steps, until their energy is (almost) zero ... on the type of particle, on its initial energy and on the material through which it passes ... deviation from the radiation's incident path and very little kinetic energy will be lost in each collision ...

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