Elida may refer to:

  • Elida, California, a former settlement
  • Elida, New Mexico, a town in Roosevelt County, New Mexico, United States
  • Elida, Ohio, a village in Allen County, Ohio, United States
  • Elida High School, a high school in Elida, Ohio, United States
  • Hurricane Elida (disambiguation), four tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific Ocean
  • Elida, sailing ship, Christian performance mega yacht, mission ship in Sweden,

Other articles related to "elida":

Hurricane Elida (2008) - Preparations and Impact
... Due to the proximity of Elida to Mexico, the Government of Mexico warned residents about the possibility of heavy rains from the outer edges of the storm ... Thunderstorms related to Elida developed over Oaxaca, Guerrero, Michoacán, Colima and Jalisco ... In Nayarit, Elida produced storms that dropped torrential rainfall and hail that injured at least one person ...
Timeline Of The 2002 Pacific Hurricane Season - Storms - Hurricane Elida
... Elida rapidly deepened, developing a pinhole eye, and becoming a hurricane on July 24 and further reaching major hurricane intensity six hours later ... Elida's rapid intensification continued, becoming a Category 5 hurricane for six hours on July 25 ... Despite moving over warm waters, Elida began to weaken because it began an eyewall replacement cycle ...
Hurricane Elida
... The name Elida has been used for five tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. 1984's Hurricane Elida 1990's Hurricane Elida 1996's Tropical Storm Elida Hurricane Elida (2002) - Reached Category 5 status in record time for a Pacific hurricane Hurricane Elida (2008 ...
Tropical Storm Kika - Storms - Hurricane Elida
... The depression soon strengthened into Tropical Storm Elida ... On July 13, Elida slowly gained strength as it was near Mexico ... Overnight on July 14, Elida strengthened into the second hurricane of the season as it pulled away from the coast ...