Election Markup Language - EML Related Technologies

EML Related Technologies

EML utilizes a number of existing standards:

  • Extensible Markup Language (XML): EML templates are expressed in a standardized XML
  • XML Schema: EML utilizes XSD Schema for defining the information structures supporting the election processes XML Schema.
  • xNAL: eXtensible Name and Address (xNAL) Specifications and Description Document (v3.0) Customer Information Quality Technical Committee OASIS July 2009
  • UK's APD: Address and Personal Details Fragment v1.1 Technology Policy Team, e-Government Unit, Cabinet Office UK, 1 March 2002
  • XML-DSig: XML-Signature Syntax and Processing Donald Eastlake et al., World Wide Web Consortium, 10 June 2008
  • VoiceXML: Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) Version 2.0 Scott McGlashan et al. World Wide Web Consortium 16 March 2004

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