Elastic Collisions

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Jostle - Types of Collisions
... There are two types of collisions between two bodies - 1) Head on collisions or one-dimensional collisions - where the velocity of each body just before impact is along the line of impact, and 2) Non-head on ... to the coefficient of restitution, there are two special cases of any collision as written below 1)A perfectly elastic collision is defined as one in ... In reality, any macroscopic collision between objects will convert some kinetic energy to internal energy and other forms of energy, so no large scale ...
Kinetic Momentum - Newtonian Mechanics - Application To Collisions - Elastic Collisions
... An elastic collision is one in which no kinetic energy is lost ... Perfectly elastic "collisions" can occur when the objects do not touch each other, as for example in atomic or nuclear scattering where electric ... of a satellite around a planet can also be viewed as a perfectly elastic collision from a distance ...
Elastic Collision
... An elastic collision is an encounter between two bodies in which the total kinetic energy of the two bodies after the encounter is equal to their total kinetic energy before the encounter ... Elastic collisions occur only if there is no net conversion of kinetic energy into other forms ... During the collision of small objects, kinetic energy is first converted to potential energy associated with a repulsive force between the particles (when the particles move against this force, i.e ...

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