El Campeon

El Campeon is a character from the comic book series The Amazing Joy Buzzards and was created by Mark Andrew Smith and Dan Hipp. The Amazing Joy Buzzards is published by Image Comics. In the series El Campeon is a Mexican Wrestling Genie who happens to be the guardian of rock and roll band The Amazing Joy Buzzards. The Amazing Joy Buzzards can summon El Campeon by using a magic amulet and yelling the magic words: "GO EL CAMPEON GO!". His first appearance is in the Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol. 1 #1 which appeared in January 2005.

The Amazing Joy Buzzards first came across El Campeon during their adventures in Costa Rica in the story titled "The Devil's Zapatos" where he teams up with the drummer of the band Gabe Carlyle.

El Campeon's origin story was told in the single issue book "The Night of a Thousand Luchadores" which was printed in the Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol. 2 #5 and drawn by comic book artist Doug Holgate.

Over time there have been a few incarnations of El Campeon and the current one is estimated to be the fourth. Little is known about El Campeon's larger purpose. He is known to help people in their time of need. He is sometimes known to take the form of a Fox. Over the years his costume has also seen more than a few changes. He is afraid of midgets. El Campeon is brutal in battle, but easily distracted by edibles. El Campeon loves cereal, churos and donuts, and has been known to sleep for entire weeks at a time. El Campeon is summoned by the Amazing Joy Buzzards with the use of a magical amulet but as is evidenced in "The Amazing Joy Buzzards and the Christmas Troll" when Santa Clause uses a similar amulet we discover that there is actually more than one magical amulet that are capable of summoning him with the magic words.

El Campeon's sworn enemy in the Amazing Joy Buzzards series is named El Chupa who is a new addition to the Spider Syndicate and the leader of the Chupacabras controlling the monsters in the South and Central American Territories.

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