Effective Exhaust Velocity

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Specific Impulse As A Speed (effective Exhaust Velocity) - Actual Exhaust Speed Versus Effective Exhaust Speed
... Note that effective exhaust velocity and actual exhaust velocity can be significantly different, for example when a rocket is run within the atmosphere, atmospheric pressure on ... for the turbopump turbine gas, and then calculating the effective exhaust velocity requires averaging the two mass flows as well as accounting for any ... particularly turbofans, the actual exhaust velocity and the effective exhaust velocity are different by orders of magnitude ...
Specific Impulse - Examples
... Specific impulse of various propulsion technologies Engine Effective exhaust velocity (m/s, kg·m/s/kg) Specific impulse (s) Energy per kg of exhaust (MJ/kg) Turbofan jet ... than a rocket engine, because the actual exhaust speed is much lower, the air provides an oxidizer, and air is used as reaction mass ... Since the physical exhaust velocity is lower, the kinetic energy the exhaust carries away is lower and thus the jet engine uses far less energy to generate thrust (at subsonic ...
Smoke Exhaust Ductwork - Markets
... Smoke exhaust ducting systems for land-based use are found in most industrialized nations ... highly regulated in North America as well its main purpose is exhaust of grease-laden vapours from commercial cooking operations, as opposed to smoke exhaust from ...
Exhaust - Other Uses
... Exhaust (band), a clarinet, drum, and tape trio in Montreal, Canada Exhaustive ballot, a multi-round voting system Exhaust date, the projected date that a telecommunications area ...
Pro FWD - Exhaust
... Open exhaust permitted, except where prohibited by track rules. ...

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