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Canon EF-S Lens Mount - Compatibility
... The cameras that can use the EF-S mount are EOS 7D EOS 20D EOS 20Da EOS 30D EOS 40D EOS 50D EOS 60D EOS 60Da EOS 300D/Digital Rebel EOS 350D/Digital ... to the sensor means that on full-frame sensor or 35mm film EF cameras the lens itself would obstruct the mirror's movement and cause damage to the lens and/or camera ... such that the physical obstruction is removed, allowing for mounting to EF mount cameras, the rear of the lens would still obstruct the mirror ...
Canon Extender EF - Compatibility Information
... These Extender EF lenses can only be used with lenses that have a compatible mount ... While all EF lenses have mount designs that can be used with EOS bodies, only lenses with accordant mounts can be used with the extender EF lenses ... These lenses must have the clearance to accept the protruding lens on the extender, as well as 10 (3 extra) electronic contacts for proper electronic communication with the extender ...
Canon Extender EF - Compatibility Information - List of Compatible EF Lenses
... The following is a list of EF lenses that are compatible with the Extender EF lenses together with their resulting focal lengths, and apertures ...

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