Economy (disambiguation)

Economy is the human activity that consists in producing, exchanging, distributing, and consuming goods and services, studied by economics and realised inside an economic system. It is responsible for human activities and institutions for satisfying the human needs of the society.

Economy may also refer to:

  • The quality of being efficient or frugal in using resources; see energy conservation
  • World economy, the economy of the world
  • Virtual economy, an economy simulated in a virtual world
  • Economy (religion), a bishop's discretionary power to relax rules
  • Economy (Thoreau), a chapter from Walden, by Henry David Thoreau
  • Economy class, a class of seating in airline travel
  • "Jazz ist anders (Economy)", "Economy"-version of Die Ärzte's album "Jazz ist anders"
  • The economy of Salvation is that part of divine revelation that deals with God’s creation and management of the world, particularly His plan for salvation accomplished through the Church
  • Economy, Indiana, United States
  • Economy, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Old Economy Village, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Economy, Nova Scotia, an unincorporated community in Maritime Canada

Famous quotes containing the word economy:

    Quidquid luce fuit tenebris agit: but also the other way around. What we experience in dreams, so long as we experience it frequently, is in the end just as much a part of the total economy of our soul as anything we “really” experience: because of it we are richer or poorer, are sensitive to one need more or less, and are eventually guided a little by our dream-habits in broad daylight and even in the most cheerful moments occupying our waking spirit.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)