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STS-115 - Mission Timeline - 8 September (Launch Attempt 1)
... of 8 September 2006, it was reported that one of the engine cut-off (ECO) sensors in the external tank had failed ... The sensor in question, ECO sensor No ... The other three ECO sensors correctly indicated a dry tank and as long as they didn't start to malfunction, NASA could allow a launch with three out of the four ECO sensors operational ...
STS-122 - Shuttle Processing - 6 December (Launch Attempt 1)
... liquid oxygen into the external tank, two of the four liquid hydrogen Engine Cutoff (ECO) sensors failed to respond correctly, resulting in Launch Director Doug Lyons ... The fuel cutoff sensor system is one of a series of redundant systems that protect the shuttle's main engines, by triggering engine shut down if fuel runs unexpectedly low ... (LCC) requires that three of the four sensor systems function properly prior to liftoff ...

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