• (adv): Toward the east.
    Example: "They migrated eastward to Sweden"
    Synonyms: eastwards
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Paris Métro Line 10 - Expansion Projects - Eastward
... of passengers has been to extend line 10 eastward, traversing the Seine between gare d'Austerlitz and gare de Lyon to provide service to the latter as these two neighboring train stations are not linked to ...
Ranch To Market Road 337 - History
1957, it was extended 6.5 miles (10.5 km) eastward, and on September 27th of 1960, the route was extended another 3 miles (4.8 km) eastward ... On November 1, 1968, the highway was extended eastward to an intersection with RM 187 ...
Lancashire, Derbyshire And East Coast Railway - The Planned Route - West of Chesterfield
... From Warrington the line would proceed south eastward and pass to the south of Knutsford where a short spur would make a branch with the Cheshire Midland Railway ... It would then proceed roughly eastward, making a junction to the northwest of Macclesfield with a new line from near Cheadle, where there would be junctions with the two ... in Macclesfield by almost completely circling it before travelling eastward once again, passing to the north of Goyt's Moss in the Derbyshire Peak District, through what is now Lamaload ...
Eastward Hoe
... Eastward Hoe or Eastward Ho, is an early Jacobean era stage play, a satire and city comedy written by George Chapman, Ben Jonson, and John Marston, printed in 1605 ... Eastward Ho offended King James I with its anti-Scottish comedy, which caused Jonson and Chapman to be arrested for a time, and which made their play one ...
Pennsylvania Route 955 - Route Description
... The highway progresses eastward along Iroquois Avenue, crossing through a local residential complex as a two-lane roadway ... Separated by a grassy median, Route 955 heads eastward into a commercial district for Lawrence Park near the intersection with Smithson Avenue ... Road, it becomes an undivided highway and turns to the northeast from its eastward progression ...

More definitions of "eastward":

  • (adj): Moving toward the east.
    Synonyms: eastbound

Famous quotes containing the word eastward:

    We crossed a deep and wide bay which makes eastward north of Kineo, leaving an island on our left, and keeping to the eastern side of the lake. This way or that led to some Tomhegan or Socatarian stream, up which the Indian had hunted, and whither I longed to go. The last name, however, had a bogus sound, too much like sectarian for me, as if a missionary had tampered with it; but I knew that the Indians were very liberal. I think I should have inclined to the Tomhegan first.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Out in Hollywood, where the streets are paved with Goldwyn, the word “sophisticate” means, very simply, “obscene.” A sophisticated story is a dirty story. Some of that meaning was wafted eastward and got itself mixed up into the present definition. So that a “sophisticate” means: one who dwells in a tower made of a DuPont substitute for ivory and holds a glass of flat champagne in one hand and an album of dirty post cards in the other.
    Dorothy Parker (1893–1967)