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Pemako - Migration - Migration From Tibet During The 20th Century
20th century, various waves of migrants from parts of the south-eastern Tibetan plateau, a region generally known as Kham, first began to arrive in areas immediately adjacent to Pemakö, such as the Mishmi Hills ... In 1906/07, Noel Williamson reported a Tibetan settlement as established in the upper Dibang River area of the Mishmi Hills, whose settlers-originally ... Mishmi Expedition explored the upper Mathun Valley and came across a colony of Kham Tibetans settled at Mipi ...
Tibet During The Ming Dynasty - Modern Scholarly Debates - Inheritance, Reappointments, and Titles - Implications On The Question of Rule
... Dawa Norbu, a leading author of the Tibetan diaspora, argues that modern Chinese Communist historians tend to be in favor of the view that the Ming ... Norbu writes that, although this would have been true for the eastern Tibetan regions of Amdo and Kham's "tribute-cum-trade" relations with the Ming, it was untrue if applied to the western Tibetan regions of Ü-Tsang ... Laird writes that the Ming appointed titles to eastern Tibetan princes, and that "these alliances with eastern Tibetan principalities are the evidence China now produces for its assertion that the Ming ruled ...

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