East Bengal - Second Partition, 1947– (Pakistani Period)

Second Partition, 1947– (Pakistani Period)

Bengal was divided into two provinces on 3 July 1946 in preparation for the partition of India - the Hindu-majority West Bengal and the Muslim-majority East Bengal. The two provinces each had their own Chief Minister. In August 1947 West Bengal became part of India and East Bengal became part of Pakistan. Tensions between East Bengal and the western wing of Pakistan led to the One-Unit policy. In 1955, most of the western wing was combined to form a new West Pakistan province while East Bengal became the new province of East Pakistan. This system lasted until 1971 when East Pakistan declared independence during the Liberation War of Bangladesh and the new nation of Bangladesh was formed. However Pakistan did not recognise Bangladesh until February 22nd 1974, and diplomatic relations were established on January 18th 1976.

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