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Evolutionary History Of Plants - Evolution of Morphology - Xylem
... Further information Xylem To photosynthesise, plants must absorb CO2 from the atmosphere ... Water is lost much faster than CO2 is absorbed, so plants need to replace it, and have developed systems to transport water from the moist soil to the site of ... Early plants sucked water between the walls of their cells, then evolved the ability to control water loss (and CO2 acquisition) through the use of a ...
Xylem - Evolution
... Xylem appeared early in the history of terrestrial plant life ... Fossil plants with anatomically preserved xylem are known from the Silurian (more than 400 million years ago), and trace fossils resembling individual xylem cells may be found ... This is the only type of xylem found in the earliest vascular plants, and this type of cell continues to be found in the protoxylem (first-formed xylem ...

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