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Gerson ben Moses Soncino established a printing-press also in Brescia, from which there issued a Pentateuch with the Five Scrolls and the Haftarot, January 23, 1492; a second edition of this Pentateuch, November 24, 1493; Psalms, December 16, 1493; and a complete Bible, May 24–31, 1494. This last edition is in most copies merely a reprint of the 1493 edition as regards the Pentateuch; and it is of especial interest as being the one used by Luther in making his translation into German. Luther's copy is preserved in the Berlin State Library. It is interesting to note that Gerson seems to ignore most of the peculiarities of the Masoretic text as laid down; e.g., by Jacob ben Hayyim ibn Adonijah.

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