Ducted Fan

A ducted fan is a propulsion arrangement whereby a fan, which is a type of propeller, is mounted within a cylindrical shroud or duct. The duct reduces losses in thrust from the tip vortices of the fan, and varying the cross-section of the duct allows the designer to advantageously affect the velocity and pressure of the airflow according to Bernoulli's Principle. Ducted fan propulsion is used in aircraft, airships, airboats, hovercraft and fan packs.

Ducted fans normally have more and shorter blades than propellers and thus can operate at higher rotational speeds.

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Helicopter Rotor - Rotor Configurations - Single Main Rotor - Ducted Fan
... Fenestron and FANTAIL are trademarks for a ducted fan mounted at the end of the tail boom of the helicopter and used in place of a tail rotor ... Ducted fans have between eight and 18 blades arranged with irregular spacing, so that the noise is distributed over different frequencies ... skin and allows a high rotational speed, therefore a ducted fan can have a smaller size than a conventional tail rotor ...
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... follow-on effort in the spring of 2002, working with the US Army on a larger ducted fan vehicle as a follow-on to SLADF under the "Organic Air Vehicle (OAV)" program ... demonstrated a scaled-up SLADF, while Honeywell performed tests with their own ducted-fan vehicle, named iSTAR ... It was revived as OAV-2 in 2004, with DARPA specifying a diesel-powered ducted-fan vertical-takeoff UAV with a weight of 51 kilograms (112 pounds), including a payload of 10 kilograms a range of 10 kilometers (6 ...
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... Its rotorcraft configuration is a coupling of ducted fan transverse rotors and a single tail rotor ... Arwing - Jet fighter - video game(s) Star Fox (series) AT-99 Scorpion - ducted-fan twin-rotor AH-64 Apache-like gunship - The film Avatar AV-14 Attack VTOL - A UNSC airborne attack vehicle, also ... C-21 Dragon - VTOL four-post ducted-fan VTOL assault gunship and transport - The film Avatar C709 Longsword-class Interceptor - the UNSC main fighter-bomber in the Halo game ...
... a type of vertical take-off and landing aircraft design that uses a ducted fan as the primary fuselage of the entire aircraft ... Like most ducted fan designs, coleopters are generally arranged to take off and land on its tail ... In the US, Hiller Helicopters had been working on a number of ducted fan flying platforms originally designed by Charles Zimmerman ...

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