Drury may refer to:

  • Drury, New Zealand
  • Drury, Flintshire, UK
  • Drury University, formerly Drury College, Springfield, Missouri
  • Drury Hotels operator of Drury Inns
  • Drury Lane, a famous street in the Westend of London
  • Drury, a bridge convention
  • Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway located in Redwood National and State Parks
  • HMS Drury (K316), a Captain class frigate

People named Drury:

  • Adam Drury (born 1978), English footballer
  • Alfred Drury (1859–1944), English architectural sculptor
  • Allen Drury (1918–1998), American novelist
  • Andy Drury (born 1983), English footballer
  • Arnold Drury (1912–1995), Australian politician
  • Ben Drury (born 1972), British freelance designer
  • Charles Carter Drury (1846–1914), Canadian Royal Navy admiral
  • Charles Drury (1912–1991), Canadian soldier, businessman and politician
  • Chris Drury (artist) (born 1948), British environmental artist
  • Chris Drury (born 1976), American ice hockey player
  • David Drury (disambiguation)
  • Dru Drury (1725–1804), British entomologist
  • Sir Drury Curzon Drury-Lowe (1830–1908), British Army Lietenant-General
  • Ernest Charles Drury (1878–1968), Premier of Ontario from 1919 to 1923
  • Henry Drury (1778–1841), English classical scholar
  • Herb Drury (1895–1965), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Herbert Drury (gymnast) (1883–1936), British gymnast
  • James Drury (born 1934), American actor
  • John de Drury and descendants
  • John Drury (disambiguation)
  • Joseph Drury (1750–1834), headmaster of Harrow school (1785–1805)
  • Karen Drury (born 1958), English actress
  • Maurice O'Connor Drury (1907–1976), English psychiatrist and student of Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • Morley Drury (1903–1989), Canadian American footballer
  • Nevill Drury (born 1947), English editor and publisher
  • Newton B. Drury (1889–1978), fourth director of the U.S. National Park Service
  • Nigel Drury (1911–1984), Australian politician
  • Patrick Drury, Irish actor
  • Peter Drury, British television sports commentator
  • Robert Drury (speaker) (15th-century–1536), knighted by Henry VII in 1497 after the battle of Blackheath
  • Robert Drury (priest) (1567–1607), English Roman Catholic priest
  • Shadia Drury (born 1950), Canadian academic
  • Shane Drury (1979–2006), professional American rodeo bull rider
  • Stephen Drury (born 1955), American pianist
  • Susanna Drury (1698–1770), Irish painter
  • Ted Drury (born 1971), retired American ice hockey player
  • Thomas Joseph Drury (1908–1992), first Roman Catholic bishop os San Angelo
  • Thomas Wortley Drury (1847–1926), Anglican priest
  • Timothy Drury (born 1961), British rock musician
  • Tom Drury (born 1956), American writer
  • William Drury (1527–1579), English statesman
  • William O'Bryen Drury (died 1811), senior officer of the British Royal Navy
  • William Price Drury (1861–1949), British Royal Marine Light Infantry officer, novelist and playwright

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