Drop Lock

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Vengeance (2001) - Event
... hit Edge with a series of European uppercuts and reversed a sunset flip into a knee drop ... when Matt attempted a diving leg drop ... Jeff went on to deliver a diving leg drop of his own ...
Locks (water Transport) - Special Cases - Drop Locks
... A drop lock allows a short length of canal to be lowered temporarily while a boat passes under an obstruction such as a low bridge ... During canal restoration, a drop lock may be used where it is impractical or prohibitively expensive to remove or raise a structure that was built after the ... A drop lock can consist of two conventional lock chambers leading to a sump pound, or a single long chamber incorporating the sump - although the term ...

Famous quotes containing the words lock and/or drop:

    Benjamin: Are you always this much afraid of being alone?
    Mrs. Robinson: Yes.
    Benjamin: Well, why can’t you just lock the doors and go to bed?
    Mrs. Robinson: I’m very neurotic.
    Calder Willingham (1923–1995)

    Through the certain prospect of death, a precious, sweet- smelling drop of levity might be mixed into every life—but now you strange pharmacist-souls have turned it into a foul-tasting drop of poison through which all life is made repulsive.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)