Drawn By Pain - Characters


  • Emily Waters – A troubled girl fighting with and against the trauma of her past.
  • Douglas – A sociable stranger who befriends Emily over a series of brief encounters. His alcoholic mother used to beat him and his brother, who, when he turned fourteen, stabbed her in defense of himself and Douglas. With his mother dead and his brother in prison, Douglas was sent to live with a new family to start over.
  • Morsus – The animated manifestation of Emily's father and the cruelty she associates with him.
  • Father – A brute of a man whose own violent upbringing drives him to abuse his wife and daughter.
  • Mother – The only example and source of love and devotion in Emily's young life. She gives Emily a minor glimmer of hope before her brutal husband wickedly takes her life in front of her daughter's eyes.
  • Steven Coleman – The counselor, whose physical blindness makes him no less insightful, Emily seeks for help.
  • Jonas – A wicked drug-dealer whose witness of Emily's powers drives him to hunger for the talent himself.
  • Pedro – A less-than-innocent bystander who tries to pick up Emily in the deserted streets of New York. When he threatens her with a knife, she takes him as her first victim.
  • Antonio, Jackson, Mikey, Patrick, Tyrell – Troublemakers in the woods who bait Emily into defending one of them in order to surround and attack her. Her wolf animation springs to life to destroy them all.

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