• (adj): Folded in two.
    Example: "Doubled sheets of paper"
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Tom Steele (stuntman) - Film Career
... He doubled for such serial leading men as Rod Cameron (who started as a stuntman himself), Richard Bailey (who rather resembled Steele), Clayton Moore, and ... feature films as Charge of the Light Brigade (1936), Santa Fe Trail ('40), in which he doubled Raymond Massey, The Big Sleep, in which he doubled John Ridgeley, and The Thing (From Another World ...
Laser Video Display - Technology
... types of lasers can be used as the frequency doubled sources fibre lasers, inter cavity doubled lasers, external cavity doubled lasers, eVCSELs, and OPSLs ... Among the inter cavity doubled lasers VCSELs have shown much promise and potential to be the basis for a mass produced frequency doubled laser ...
Locks (water Transport) - Special Cases - Doubled, Paired or Twinned Locks
... The once-famous staircase at Lockport, New York was also a doubled set of locks ... Five twinned locks allowed east- and west-bound boats to climb or descend the 60 feet (18 m) Niagara Escarpment, a considerable engineering feat in the nineteenth century ...
The Cast of Rusty Bugles (1948)
... Darky" McClure - Lloyd Berrell "Keghead" Stephens - Ralph Peterson Corporal - doubled Ken Falcon ("Dean Maitland") - Michael Barnes First Private - Jack Wilkinson Second Private - James ...
Doubled Haploidy
... A doubled haploid (DH) is a genotype formed when haploid cells undergo chromosome doubling ... Artificial production of doubled haploids is important in plant breeding ... then by induced or spontaneous chromosome doubling, a doubled haploid cell is produced, which can be grown into a doubled haploid plant ...

More definitions of "doubled":

  • (adj): Twice as great or many.
    Example: "The dose is doubled"
    Synonyms: double, twofold

Famous quotes containing the word doubled:

    A taste for drink, combined with gout,
    Had doubled him up forever.
    Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (1836–1911)

    Measured by any standard known to science—by horse-power, calories, volts, mass in any shape,—the tension and vibration and volume and so-called progression of society were full a thousand times greater in 1900 than in 1800;Mthe force had doubled ten times over, and the speed, when measured by electrical standards as in telegraphy, approached infinity, and had annihilated both space and time. No law of material movement applied to it.
    Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918)

    What of the heart without her? Nay, poor heart,
    Of thee what word remains ere speech be still?
    A wayfarer by barren ways and chill,
    Steep ways and weary, without her thou art,
    Where the long cloud, the long wood’s counterpart,
    Sheds doubled darkness up the labouring hill.
    Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828–1882)