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OS/2 - Development History - 1992: 32-bit Era - DOS Compatibility
... OS/2 2.0 was touted by IBM as "a better DOS than DOS and a better Windows than Windows" ... For the first time, OS/2 was able to run more than one DOS application at a time ... OS/2 to actually run a modified copy of Windows 3.0, itself a DOS extender, including Windows 3.0 applications ...
Upper Memory Area - Usage - Windows
... Windows applications were not affected by DOS' base memory limits, but DOS programs running under Windows (with Windows itself acting as a multitasking manager) were still thus constrained ... much of the functionality of the DOS device drivers to DOS applications running under Windows, such as CD, network and sound support the memory map of Win95 DOS boxes was automatically optimised ... However, not all DOS programs could execute in this environment ...
Window 95 - Architecture - Dependence On MS-DOS
... To end-users, MS-DOS appears as an underlying component of Windows 95 ... to prevent loading the graphical user interface and boot the system into a real-mode MS-DOS environment ... is an operating system or merely a graphical shell running on top of MS-DOS ...
Criticism Of Windows XP - Backward Compatibility
... be an issue for users dependent upon MS-DOS ... Although XP comes with the ability to run DOS programs in a virtual DOS machine, it still has trouble running many old DOS programs ... This is largely because it is a Windows NT system and does not use DOS as a base OS, and because the Windows NT architecture is different from Windows 9x ...

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