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DNA Analysis Backlog Elimination Act Of 2000
... The DNA Analysis Backlog Elimination Act of 2000 (H.R ... States to carry out DNA analyses for use in the FBI's Combined DNA Index System and to collect and analyse DNA samples. 14132, "Congress authorized the FBI to create a national index of samples taken from convicted offenders, crime scenes and victims of crime, and unidentified human remains." In response to this ...
S And Marper V United Kingdom - Facts - Submissions
... material and information contained in DNA samples ... The applicants stressed that the nature of DNA samples, which included a myriad highly personal data pertaining to an individual’s unique identity, susceptibility to certain medical conditions and was linked to ... S, as he was a child at the time of having his samples taken and relied on Article 40 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child of 1989, which states that it is the right of every ...
DNA Profiling - Cases
... In the 1980s, after her death, samples of her tissue that had been stored at a Charlottesville, Virginia hospital following a medical procedure were tested using DNA ... the rape and murder of a teenager near Leicester, the city where DNA profiling was first discovered ... This was the first use of DNA finger printing in a criminal investigation ...
Alternative Versions Of Lex Luthor - DC Comics - Elseworlds
... After discovering Kal-El's abandoned rocket and analysing the DNA samples within it, Luthor attempts to rally Earth's population against metahumans while attempting to use the DNA samples to create a ...
Chupacabra - Reported Sightings
... This animal, initially given the name the Elmendorf Beast, was later determined by DNA assay conducted at University of California, Davis to be a coyote with demodectic or ... Biologists in Texas examined samples from the two carcasses and determined they were also coyotes suffering from very severe cases of mange ... in her freezer before turning it over for DNA analysis ...

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    Good government cannot be found on the bargain-counter. We have seen samples of bargain-counter government in the past when low tax rates were secured by increasing the bonded debt for current expenses or refusing to keep our institutions up to the standard in repairs, extensions, equipment, and accommodations. I refuse, and the Republican Party refuses, to endorse that method of sham and shoddy economy.
    Calvin Coolidge (1872–1933)

    Here [in London, history] ... seemed the very fabric of things, as if the city were a single growth of stone and brick, uncounted strata of message and meaning, age upon age, generated over the centuries to the dictates of some now all-but-unreadable DNA of commerce and empire.
    William Gibson (b. 1948)