DNA Duplex

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Nucleic Acid Analogues - Base Analogues - Metal Base-pairs
... The possible geometries of the metal that would allow for duplex formation with two bidentate nucleosides around a central metal atom are tetrahedral, dodecahedral, and square planar ... Metal-complexing with DNA can occur by the formation of non-canonical base pairs from natural nucleobases with participation by metal ions and also by the exchanging the hydrogen atoms that are ... Introduction of metal ions into a DNA duplex has shown to have potential magnetic, conducting properties, as well as increased stability ...
Replisome - Solving The Challenges of DNA Replication - Separating The Duplex
... DNA is a duplex formed by two anti-parallel strands ... Following Meselson-Stahl, the process of DNA replication is semi-conservative, whereby during replication the original DNA duplex is separated into two daughter strands (referred to as the leading and ... Each daughter strand becomes part of a new DNA duplex ...
Homologous Recombination - In Eukaryotes - Models - SSA Pathway
... The SSA pathway is unique in that it does not require a separate similar or identical molecule of DNA, like the DSBR or SDSA pathways of homologous recombination ... Instead, the SSA pathway only requires a single DNA duplex, and uses the repeat sequences as the identical sequences that homologous recombination needs for ... The pathway is relatively simple in concept after two strands of the same DNA duplex are cut back around the site of the double-strand break, the two resulting 3' overhangs then align and anneal to ...

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