Diversification may refer to:

  • Diversification (finance) involves spreading investments
  • Diversification (marketing strategy) is a corporate strategy to increase market penetration
  • Agricultural diversification involves the re-allocation of some of a farm's resources to new products or non-agricultural activities
  • Diversified technique, a chiropractic method

Other articles related to "diversification":

Diversification (marketing Strategy) - Risks
... Of the four strategies presented in the Ansoff matrix, Diversification has the highest level of risk and requires the most careful investigation ... Moreover, diversification might necessitate significant expanding of human and financial resources, which may detract focus, commitment, and sustained investments in the core industries ... there are a few good examples of successful diversification Virgin Group moved from music production to travel and mobile phones Walt Disney moved from producing animated movies ...
Supply Chain Diversification - Legacy Suppliers
... Because supply chain diversification cannot occur overnight, the legacy supplier must be involved throughout the transition phase ... In most cases, the legacy supplier will remain as the primary supplier even after diversification, as there is usually good reason that they became the original supplier ... the original suppliers being phased out after diversification is when supplies were being provided in-house or the material provided by that supplier has become obsolete ...
Satellite (financial) - Mathematical Model - Diversification
... An investor can reduce portfolio risk simply by holding combinations of instruments that are not perfectly positively correlated (correlation coefficient ) ... In other words, investors can reduce their exposure to individual asset risk by holding a diversified portfolio of assets ...