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Dite II
... Dite II is a ward in Beitbridge District of Matabeleland South province in southern Zimbabwe ... Beitbridge District Capital Beitbridge Wards Chipise Dendele Dite II Machuchuta Maramani Masera Mtetengwe I Mtetengwe II Mtetengwe III Siyoka I Siyoka II Rivers Bubye River Limpopo ...
... Abādites or Ibādites are a Moslem sect named after its founder Jaber Ibn Zayd (end of the 7th century) ... The Abādites still have a small number of followers in Oman, the island of Djerba, Tripolitania, Tunis and Algeria ... Around the middle of the 8th century the Abādite missionary 'Abdullāh ibn-Yahya, called Tālib al-Haqq (The Seeker after Right), set out from Basrah ...
Georges Bernanos - Major Works
... written between 1945–1948) Combat pour la vérité Correspondance inédite 1904-1934 1961 Combat pour la liberté Correspondance inédite 1934-1948 1961 La vocation spirituelle de la France 1975 (collection ... Correspondance inédite 1904-1948 1983 ...
Never Let It Go
... Afro-Dite were a female trio, who bore some resemblance to the popular female R "n" B group, Destiny's Child ... On the night of the contest Afro-dite performed 12th, following Switzerland's Francine Jordi with "Dans le jardin de mon âme" and preceding Finland's Laura ... Karolina Gočeva Sarit Hadad Francine Jordi Afro-dite Laura Voutilainen Malene Maja Tatić Sergio The Ladies Sandrine François Corinna May Buket Bengisu Group Safir Ira Losco ...
... Blödite is a hydrated sodium magnesium sulfate mineral with formula Na2Mg(SO4)2·4H2O ... Blödite is named for German mineralogist and chemist Karl August Blöede (14 August 1773-28 August 1820 grandfather of Gertrude and Victor G ...

Famous quotes containing the word dite:

    “Well then, it’s Granny speaking: ‘I dunnow!
    Mebbe I’m wrong to take it as I do.
    There ain’t no names quite like the old ones, though,
    Nor never will be to my way of thinking.
    One mustn’t bear too hard on the newcomers,
    But there’s a dite too many of them for comfort....’”
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)