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Atmosphere Of Jupiter - Discrete Features - Disturbances
... normally referred to as "South Tropical Disturbances" (STD) ... Several similar disturbances in the South Tropical Zone have been recorded since then ...
Western Disturbance - Importance
... Western Disturbance causes winter and pre monsoon season rainfall across northwest India ... During the season, normally 4-5 western disturbances in a month can be seen over northwest India ... Some of the western disturbances bring well-distributed and good rainfall, while some pass with negligible rain or sometimes no rain ...
1969 Race Riots Of Singapore - History
... The disturbances had nothing to do with Singapore but there was an inexorable spillover of the communal violence in Malaysia into Singapore ... It was said that the 1964 racial disturbances in Singapore contributed towards the eventual separation of Singapore from Malaysia in August 1965 ... indigenous (Bumiputra) ownership would be lost, led to the May 13 disturbances ...
Perintalmanna - The British Period - Background
... From 1835 until late 19th century, violent disturbances surfaced from time to time in different parts of the Malabar region, particularly in Eranad ... These disturbances and uprisings were agrarian unrest ... After these disturbances subsided, relative peace returned to an area approximately equivalent to the modern state of Kerala ...
Disturbance (ecology)
... In ecology, a disturbance is a temporary change in average environmental conditions that causes a pronounced change in an ecosystem ... Outside disturbance forces often act quickly and with great effect, sometimes resulting in the removal of large amounts of biomass ... Ecological disturbances include fires, flooding, windstorm, insect outbreaks, as well as anthropogenic disturbances such as forest clearing and the introduction of exotic species ...

Famous quotes containing the word disturbances:

    It no longer makes sense to speak of “feeding problems” or “sleep problems” or “negative behavior” is if they were distinct categories, but to speak of “problems of development” and to search for the meaning of feeding and sleep disturbances or behavior disorders in the developmental phase which has produced them.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)

    When a poor disconsolated drooping creature is terrified from all enjoyment,—prays without ceasing ‘till his imagination is heated,—fasts and mortifies and mopes, till his body is in as bad a plight as his mind; is it a wonder, that the mechanical disturbances ... of an empty belly, interpreted by an empty head, should be mistook for [the] workings [of God].
    Laurence Sterne (1713–1768)

    I note what you say of the late disturbances in your College. These dissensions are a great affliction on the American schools, and a principal impediment to education in this country.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)