Distributed European Infrastructure For Supercomputing Applications - Deisa Benchmark Suite

Deisa Benchmark Suite

DEISA has produced a packaged benchmark suite to help computer scientists assess the performance of parallel supercomputer systems. The benchmark comprises a number of real applications codes taken from a wide range of scientific disciplines. All the codes are packaged into a structured framework allowing compilation, execution and analysis to be configured and carried out via a set of standard input files.

The codes were chosen as representative of the scientific projects performed on the DEISA supercomputers. The codes and associated datasets have been selected to be useful in benchmarking systems with peak performances ranging up to hundreds of teraflops, machines which are more powerful than a desktop PC by factors of tens of thousands.

The current suite contains codes relevant to astrophysics, fluid dynamics, climate modelling, biosciences, materials science, fusion power and fundamental particle physics. It has been run by DEISA on a range of its own supercomputers and records of the results are kept for comparison. The DEISA benchmark was used by the EU-funded PRACE project as a starting point for their investigations of benchmarks for the next generation of petaflop supercomputers.

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