Directional Pad

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Game Boy Player - Controllers
... GameCube Button GBA Equivalent - Map One GBA Equivalent - Map Two Control Stick/Directional Pad Directional Pad Directional Pad A/B Buttons A/B Buttons A/B ...
Handheld Game Console - History - Origins
1981) also introduced the concept of a directional pad on handheld gaming devices, and is operated by using the thumb to manipulate the on-screen character in any of four ... Watch games, Yokoi invented a cross shaped directional pad or "D-pad" for control of on-screen characters ... Yokoi also included his directional pad on the NES controllers, and the cross-shaped thumb controller soon became standard on game console controllers and ubiquitous across the video game industry as a ...
Ninja Gaiden (Nintendo Entertainment System) - Gameplay
... Ryu has the ability to jump on and off ladders and walls, and by using the directional pad, he can climb up or down ladders ... Ryu can spring off walls by holding the directional pad in the opposite direction he is facing and pressing the jump button ... and columns by holding down the jump button and alternating between left and right on the directional pad ...

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