Dipole Moments

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Chemical Polarity - Predicting Molecule Polarity
... In general, a molecule will not possess dipole moment, if the individual bond dipole moments of the molecule cancel each other out ... This is because dipole moments are euclidean vector quantities with magnitude and direction, and a two equal vectors who oppose each other will cancel out ... horizontal mirror plane ( "σh ") will not possess dipole moments ...
Electric Dipole Moment - Dipole Moments of Molecules
... Dipole moments in molecules are responsible for the behavior of a substance in the presence of external electric fields ... The dipoles tend to be aligned to the external field which can be constant or time-dependent ... Dipole moments can be found in common molecules such as water and also in biomolecules such as proteins ...
Spin (physics) - Magnetic Moments
... Particles with spin can possess a magnetic dipole moment, just like a rotating electrically charged body in classical electrodynamics ... These magnetic moments can be experimentally observed in several ways, e.g ... The intrinsic magnetic moment μ of a spin-1/2 particle with charge q, mass m, and spin angular momentum S, is where the dimensionless quantity gs is called the spin g-factor ...

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