Dipole Moment

Dipole moment can be defined as the product of magnitude of charge and the distance of separation between the charges. Dipole moment may refer to:

  • Electric dipole moment, the measure of the electrical polarity of a system of charges
    • Transition dipole moment, the electrical dipole moment in quantum mechanics
    • Molecular dipole moment, the electric dipole moment of a molecule.
    • Bond dipole moment, the measure of polarity of a chemical bond
    • Electron electric dipole moment, the measure of the charge distribution within an electron
  • Magnetic dipole moment, the measure of the magnetic polarity of a system of charges
    • Nuclear magnetic moment, the magnetic moment of an atomic nucleus
  • Topological dipole moment, the measure of the topological defect charge distribution
  • The second order coefficient of the multipole expansion of a function

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Matrix Mechanics - Further Results - Selection Rules
... opposite charge at position 0, the instantaneous dipole moment is qX(t), and the time variation of the moment translates directly into the space-time variation of the vector potential ... the wavelength of the emitted light is about 10,000 times the atomic radius, the dipole moment is the only contribution to the radiative field and all other details of the atomic charge ... representation, the Fourier coefficients of the dipole moment are the matrix elements of X ...
Absorption Band
... Energy, momentum, angular momentum, magnetic dipole moment and electric dipole moment are transported from the photon to the system ... important to realize that transitions that only change the magnetic dipole moment of the system are much weaker than transitions that change the electric dipole moment and that ...
Neutron Electric Dipole Moment - Theory
... A permanent electric dipole moment of a fundamental particle violates both parity (P) and time reversal symmetry (T) ... This can be understood by examining the neutron with its magnetic dipole moment and hypothetical electric dipole moment ... Under time reversal, the magnetic dipole moment changes its direction, whereas the electric dipole moment stays unchanged ...
Anomalous Electric Dipole Moment
... In particle physics, the anomalous electric dipole moment, or the electric dipole moment of a particle in short, is the electric dipole moment of a particle ... unbroken will predict an exactly zero electric dipole moment for particles ... Experiments have been performed to measure the electric dipole moment of various particles like the electron and the neutron ...
Rabi Frequency - Definition
... The Rabi frequency is defined as where is the transition dipole moment for the transition and is the vector electric field amplitude which includes ... By analogy with a classical dipole, it is clear that an atom with a large dipole moment will be more susceptible to perturbation by electric and magnetic fields ... angle between the polarization of the light and the transition dipole moment ...

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