Dipole Field

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L-shell - Charged Particle Motions in A Dipole Field
... low-energy charged particles in the Earth's magnetic field (or in any nearly-dipolar magnetic field) can be usefully described in terms of McIllwain's (B,L) coordinates, the ... of the charged particle orbit is small compared to the spatial scale for changes in the field ... a charged particle will basically follow a helical path orbiting the local field line ...
Units and Calculations - Fields of A Magnet
... Far away from a magnet, the magnetic field created by that magnet is almost always described (to a good approximation) by a dipole field characterized by its total magnetic moment ... One characteristic of a dipole field is that the strength of the field falls off inversely with the cube of the distance from the magnet's center ... Closer to the magnet, the magnetic field becomes more complicated and more dependent on the detailed shape and magnetization of the magnet ...
Babcock Model
... A modern understanding of sunspots starts with George Ellery Hale, in which magnetic fields and sunspots are linked ... that the sunspot cycle period is 22 years, covering two polar reversals of the solar magnetic dipole field ... the 22-year cycle begins with a well-established dipole field component aligned along the solar rotational axis ...

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