Dimensional Vector Space

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Natural Transformation - Examples - Counterexample: Dual of A Finite-dimensional Vector Space
... Every finite-dimensional vector space is isomorphic to its dual space, but this isomorphism relies on an arbitrary choice of isomorphism (for example, via ... There is in general no natural isomorphism between a finite-dimensional vector space and its dual space ... The dual space of a finite-dimensional vector space is again a finite-dimensional vector space of the same dimension, and these are thus isomorphic, since dimension is the only invariant of finite-d ...
Vector W2
... The Vector W2 is a concept car created by Vector Motors in 1980 ... the "W" for Jerry Wiegert (designer and founder of Vector) and "2" for the number of turbos ... In 1989, a modified version of the W2 went in production as the Vector W8 ...
Vector - Other Uses
... Aerodyne Systems Vector, ultralight aircraft Lift vector, an upwards force acting on aircraft Thrust vectoring, the ability of an aircraft or other vehicle to ...
Reductive Dual Pair - Examples
... negative, and can be interpreted as the orthogonal group of a one-dimensional vector space ... Let X be an n-dimensional vector space, Y be its dual, and W be the direct sum of X and Y ... Then W can be made into a symplectic vector space in a natural way, so that (X, Y) is its lagrangian polarization ...
Orientation (vector Space) - Definition - Zero-dimensional Case
... orientation defined above did not quite apply to zero-dimensional vector spaces (as the only empty matrix is the identity (with determinant 1), so there will be only one equivalence class) ... orienting the boundary of a 1-dimensional manifold) ... The set of ordered bases of the zero-dimensional vector space has one element (the empty set), and so there are two maps from this set to ...

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    The woman’s world ... is shown as a series of limited spaces, with the woman struggling to get free of them. The struggle is what the film is about; what is struggled against is the limited space itself. Consequently, to make its point, the film has to deny itself and suggest it was the struggle that was wrong, not the space.
    Jeanine Basinger (b. 1936)

    I don’t see black people as victims even though we are exploited. Victims are flat, one- dimensional characters, someone rolled over by a steamroller so you have a cardboard person. We are far more resilient and more rounded than that. I will go on showing there’s more to us than our being victimized. Victims are dead.
    Kristin Hunter (b. 1931)