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Digital Cameras and Related Software

Use by camera manufacturers varies; there are about 15 camera manufacturers that use DNG, including a few that specialize in movie cameras:

  • Niche camera manufacturers typically use DNG in new cameras. (Niche cameras include a digiscope, panorama cameras, and at least one movie camera). The article on raw image formats illustrates the complicated relationship between new raw image formats and third-party software developers. Using DNG provides immediate support for these cameras by a large range of software products.
  • Some camera manufacturers use DNG in new cameras. Camera manufacturers that don't supply their own software for processing raw images typically, but not always, use DNG.
  • Pentax offers users the option of whether to use Pentax's own raw image format, or DNG. For example, the digital SLR Camera Pentax K-x does offer the ability to save PEF or DNG or even DNG+ which saves two files, a DNG and a separate JPEG file at the same time.
  • If a camera uses DNG, and that camera manufacturer supplies software, it will support DNG. It may support DNG only from their own cameras, or support it more generically.
  • Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji, and Sigma do not use DNG in their cameras. If a camera manufacturer's cameras don't use DNG, their software is unlikely to support DNG unless that software is also sold independently of the cameras.

Here are examples of digital cameras that supported DNG.

  • Casio supports DNG in their Exilim PRO EX-F1 and Exilim EX-FH25.
  • Leica's Digital Modul R for the Leica R8 or Leica R9 and the Leica M8 or Leica M9 natively support the DNG format.
  • MegaVision E Series Monochrome back.
  • Panoscan MK-3 digital panoramic camera.
  • Pentax supports DNG in their K10D, K20D, K200D, K2000, K-7, K-x, K-r, K-5 and K-30 DSLR cameras.
  • Ricoh supports DNG in the Ricoh Digital GR, considered a professional compact, and the Ricoh Caplio GX.
  • Ricoh GXR is the latest, new and solely system of mirrorless interchangeable lens camera unit use also DNG.
  • Samsung supports DNG in their Pro815 "prosumer" camera and GX-10 and GX-20 DSLR cameras.
  • Sea&Sea DX‐1G underwater camera.
  • Seitz Roundshot D3 digital back, used in cameras such as the 6×17.
  • Silicon Imaging Silicon Imaging Digital Cinema SI-1920HDVR.
  • Sinar now uses DNG as the raw file standard for their eMotion series of digital backs.

Some of the Canon cameras can shoot as DNG using additional free software named CHDK.

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