Digital Filters

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Filter Design - Typical Design Requirements - Other Considerations - Digital Filters
... Digital filters are classified into one of two basic forms, according to how they respond to a unit impulse Finite impulse response, or FIR, filters express each output sample as a weighted sum of the last N ... If the coefficients are symmetrical (the usual case), then such a filter is linear phase, so it delays signals of all frequencies equally ... to avoid overflow in an FIR filter ...
Electronic Filter - Classification By Technology - Digital Filters
... Digital signal processing allows the inexpensive construction of a wide variety of filters ... The signal is sampled and an analog-to-digital converter turns the signal into a stream of numbers ... be converted to a signal by passing it through a digital-to-analog converter ...
Linear Filter - Mathematics of Filter Design
... Linear analog electronic filters Network synthesis filters Butterworth filter Chebyshev filter Elliptic (Cauer) filter Bessel filter Gaussian filter Optimum "L" (Legendre) filter ... LTI filters can be completely described by their frequency response and phase response, the specification of which uniquely defines their impulse response, and vice versa ... From a mathematical viewpoint, continuous-time IIR LTI filters may be described in terms of linear differential equations, and their impulse responses considered as Green's functions ...

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