Diffusivity can refer to:

  • Diffusivity of heat
  • Diffusivity of mass:
    • Molecular diffusivity (often called "diffusion coefficient")
    • Eddy diffusivity
  • Momentum diffusivity
  • Magnetic diffusivity

Other articles related to "diffusivity":

Mass Diffusivity
... Diffusivity or diffusion coefficient is a proportionality constant between the molar flux due to molecular diffusion and the gradient in the concentration of the species (or the driving ... Diffusivity is encountered in Fick's law and numerous other equations of physical chemistry ... The higher the diffusivity (of one substance with respect to another), the faster they diffuse into each other ...
Convection–diffusion Equation - Equation - General
... for mass transfer, temperature for heat transfer), D is the diffusivity (also called diffusion coefficient), such as mass diffusivity for particle motion or thermal diffusivity for heat transport, is ...
Viscosity Of Amorphous Materials - Units - Kinematic Viscosity
... The kinematic viscosity is sometimes referred to as diffusivity of momentum, because it is analogous to diffusivity of heat and diffusivity of mass ...
Taylor Dispersion - Description
... the diffusing species is denoted c and its diffusivity is D ... quantities Observe how the effective diffusivity multiplying the derivative on the right hand side is greater than the original value of diffusion coefficient, D ... The effective diffusivity is often written as where is the Péclet number, based on the channel diameter ...